Thursday, February 6, 2014

January 2014
Happy New Year!
January was a short month because of Winter Break, Snow days (come on Spring!!), and Parent Teacher Conference!
We were jam packed with learning!
We celebrated the 80th Day of School!
Zero the Hero came to school and shared his cape again!
Check out who had a turn this time!
Math Unit on Measuring
We started a new math unit on Measuring and introduced some key vocabulary like weight, heavy, light, length, longer, shorter, same, and different. The children really enjoyed using scales in the classroom to investigate. We only have one classroom scale so we had to borrow some from the 3rd graders. 
You can help us get a whole set for our classroom by visiting my Donor's Choose page. Please consider generously donating to our class.
We used our arms as scales to introduce measuring weight.

We used the 3rd graders scales to investigate heavy and light.
Then we worked in teams to sort pictures of items by a measurable attribute.  

This is our work posted in the hallway.
Giving Back
We spent some time this month writing cards and letters to a little girl named Lucy who is spending her last days at AI duPont Hospital for Children. Lucy is very sick and will not be going home with her family. The children wanted to make her cards to show her love. We even used chenille stems to make a garland to decorate her bed at the hospital. Check out Lucy's blog to see how loved this little girl is!!
Parent Teacher Conferences
Conferences were held at the end of January. By this point in the school year, all students should be Near the Proficiency or Meeting the Proficiency. Contact me if you have any questions regarding your child's grades or if you need additional support for home. If you missed your appointment, please contact me by writing a note in the green folder to reschedule.
Look for our post on February to contain some hilarious 100 day and Cupid photos of your child!!
Our family project this month will be sent home next week. It is a pizza box project for Black History Month and will be due February 13th. We will celebrate Valentine's Day on the 13th as well. No School February 14 and 17. 100 day bags are due on February 20th. 
Anyone want to guess how many snow days we'll have in February? Leave your guess in the comments and I'll give a small prize to the person who guesses the closest. Good luck!



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3 snow days

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2 days

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1 day

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