Wednesday, January 8, 2014

December 2013

December has come and gone!
The month of December flew by! We learned so much! We also spent time praticing for our Winter Concert! I hope you all enjoyed the song that the children prepared for you! We wish for Peace on the Earth! Please enjoy some photographs from the month of December!
We celebrated the 60th Day of School!
Zero the Hero visited again!
Two friends got to wear his cape for the day!

Gingerbread Night!
We wore our pajamas and came to school! We saw candies and icing and started to drool! We made gingerbread cookies and had a fun night! We left filled with hot chocolate and feeling just right!

We made a holiday card for parents and teachers by spelling the words "Happy Holidays From G1".

Elf on the Shelf Visits G1!
Elf on the Shelf came to our classroom! We watched a short video on Elf on Shelf, and discussed what we learned from the video that could help us know more about the Elf. The children noted some important things. For example, we cannot touch the elf, or it will lose it's magic. The children also mentioned that the Elf comes from the North Pole. We located the North Pole on a map and talked about how long it would take us to travel there.
Then we had a knock on our classroom door for a special delivery! It was Mr. Joe, our building Chief Custodian. He said a package was delivered for our class. 
He said the package was very cold. Of course, the children all wanted to feel it!
We checked the address and it came straight from the North Pole! There was a letter attached to the front of the box...FROM SANTA HIMSELF!!!!!
And inside the box was an ELF for our classroom!
We all had a turn whispering hello with a kind and quiet voice.
We voted to name our Elf "Snowflake".
Snowflake visited our classroom each day.
She watched our behavior and reported back to Santa each night.
Upon her return each morning, she would hide in a silly way or leave a treat for us!
On this morning, Snowflake was sitting in a box of sugar with a container of special seeds. 
The children had to plant the seeds.
We waited a few days (thank you Snow Days!) and check out what grew! COOKIES!!
One morning, Snowflake was flying like a Superhero! This made the children giggle! The children were very excited to see all the fun things that Snowflake did each day! She stayed with us until the end of Winter Break. We were sad to come back to school and not see Snowflake, but we know she is enjoying her time off with Santa!
Holidays Around the World!
Of course, we learned about Christmas. We also learned how people around the world celebrate Christmas. The holidays we learned about it were Los Posada, Sinterklauss, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and St. Lucia Day. The photograph below shows how we celebrated Sinterklauss coming to visit our classroom. We colored shoes to leave out at  night. Sinterklauss came and left us a treat that we got in the morning.
Christmas Gifts for our Parents!
We used paint to make handprints on ornaments for our parents.
I hope you enjoyed hanging these ornaments on your tree and will do so for years to come!
The 70th Day of school!
 Polar Express Day!
Thank you so much to Mrs. Bellamy for being with my class when I was not able to do so! She spent the last two days before break with the children and said it was a "magical time". She shared these pictures with me and had the children call me at home to sing "we wish you a Merry Christmas". It made me cry!! The children look like they enjoyed watching the movie, being in the pajamas, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies, and just being together!
From our classroom to your home...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
a BIG Thank you to Mrs. Shannon Dawson who decorated our classroom and painted the fireplace for the students!
I was absent for the last two days before Winter Break due to illness! I was very sad to miss the children singing in their concert. Another teacher shared the video with me and I was very proud of how well the children performed!! Thank you so much for the many gifts from students and parents! I went through each one during break and was overwhelmed with emotion at how loving and thoughtful my students and their families are! I am such a blessed teacher!
I can't wait to see what January has in store for our class!







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