Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February was a busy month!

February has come and gone!
We had so much excitement!
We have a winner from our January post question "How many snow days will we have in February?" Congratulations to Precious with your guess of two snow days! I will send home a small prize with your child. We will have a new question at the end of this blog. Check it out!
90th Day of School
We celebrated the 90th day of school in the beginning of February.
Check out who wore our cape from Zero the Hero!
We were very excited to be so close to 100!
Black History Month Projects
February is a very special time to learn about African Americans who paved the way in history for all mankind. Each family was given a pizza box to decorate. All of the upper grade teachers have been so impressed with the hard work of the Kindergarten in G1! Even Mrs. Howell came to see us present the projects and gave every students who completed the project a sticker! The kids were so excited to get a sticker from the Principal! Check out the finished products!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Cupid came to visit our classroom a few days before Valentine's Day! He was here to see how we show each other love. He left us little notes, treats, and moved around the classroom each night to surprise us. On Valentine's Day we "mailed" our cards to each other and all of our specials teachers, secretary, custodial staff, principals, and teacher helpers. Later that day we graphed candy hearts by color! We talked about which color had the most and least. (and of course we ate the hearts when we finished!) It was a very fun time in Kindergarten!

A New Math Unit on Shapes!
This month we began a new math unit on shapes by making shape people. The children labeled each shape using stickers. This activity was used a pre-assessment to gather data on which 2D shapes the children could identify and name.

Wilbur Winners!
Congratulations to our Wilbur Winners from the 2nd Marking Period! Wilbur Winners show that they know the school rules. They also always make good choices and try their best!
It's Finally here!
The 100th Day of School!!!
The 100th day of school is a BIG deal in Kindergarten! We celebrated in Grand Style!
Dressing like a 100 year old person!
These friends came to school dressed like a 100 year old lady or gentleman. We had a lot of pearls, grey hair, beards, and eye glasses. Some kids even brought a cane! 

Zero the Hero capes
Zero the Hero visited us every 10th day this school year. Each time he came, he shared his hero cape with some friends. On the 100th day, Zero the Hero left a cape for each child in their locker. A special thank you goes to Mrs. Dawson for helping Zero the Hero complete the capes. The children were so excited to get their very own cape to take home and keep.

 Counting to 100
We practiced counting to one hundred by ones and tens many times! Take a peak at a special video we watched on the smartboard to help us with counting.
Building with 100 cups
We used solo cups and small dixie cups in sets of 100 to build. Look at some of the amazing structures the children made!

Building with 100 legos
The children worked together in pairs to build with 100 legos! A special thank you to Mrs. Dawson and her daughters, Samantha and Haylie, for putting 100 legos into baggies for this activity! We appreciate your hard work! It was fun hearing the children ask each other to share pieces and request to work with other groups.

100 Day Trail Mix Snack
The children had to count to 100 by tens to make this 100 day snack.
100 Licks on a Lollipop
We made a prediction on whether or not we could get to the middle of a lollipop in 100 licks. Then we tested our predictions. Each child got to choose a lollipop and a recording sheet. They had to count each lick. It was the most quiet our classroom has ever been!
Aging App
I used an app on my cell phone to make images of the children turn into 100 year old people, complete with wrinkles and grey hair! We used the images to do a writing activity on "When I am 100 years old, I will..." Some kids said "use a cane, have "crinkles", and get a wheelchair."

100 Day gift bags
At the end of the day, I gave each child a 100 day gift bag. Inside each bag was a $100 bill pencil, notepad, and deck or cards, a 100 day sticker, bookmark, and tattoo, and 100 day bracelet. The bags said "100 Day Brighter!"
Clay Snowmen in Art Class
The children all know that I love art class! They make some of the coolest projects! This month they worked on shaping clay to make the details of a snowman. They were very proud of their work!

Blue Rocks!
Rocky came to visit us from the Blue Rocks to talk about the Reading Challenge. All students received a bookmark to enter the titles of 10 books that they read. Once they return the bookmark, the Blue Rocks will give them 2 FREE tickets to a game!
Dental Health Month
We completed February by learning about Dental Health! Mrs. Williamson arranged for students and staff from Hodgson's High School to come and speak to the kindergarten students at Wilbur. We learned that you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes. The children danced for two minutes so they could see how long that was. They also learned about sugary foods and drinks and how the affect our teeth, how to floss, and had a visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Thank you so much for reading our LONG blog post for February! We had a very big month with activities (and snow!)
Please participate in our new monthly blog contest by making a comment on this post to answer the following question: Guess what the high temperature will be on St. Patrick's Day (March 17th). The guess to the nearest degree without going over will win. Only comments/guesses made on or before March 12th will count. Good luck!






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