Monday, December 2, 2013

November went too fast!

November sure did fly right by! We had a great time celebrating the 50th Day of Kindergarten and our very first Wilbur Winners!

Zero the Hero Comes Again!

Zero the Hero visited again for the 50th Day of School! This time he chose MaKenzie and Gerardo to wear his cape!


 50th Day of School Sock Hop!

We celebrated the 50th day of school with a Sock Hop complete from the 1950's! The girls dressed in poodle skirts and the boys rocked their rolled up jeans and white tshirts.  Check out the kids who enjoyed the 50th day Sock Hop!



We did many Common Core appropriate crafts to celebrate the 50th Day. Some of the examples shown are counting by 10's to 50, following multi-step directions to create a 50's boy or girl, and making a juke box writing prompt to compate and contrast life from 1950's and today. 



We got to meet someone who was born in the 1950's; my mom, Becky! She came to school with her record player and records. She worked at a record company when she was younger and she told the kids how records were made. We even got to listen to a real record.  


Last, we had a very special visitor, our building custodian. Mr. Joe works very hard to keep our school building safe and clean. Together, we enjoyed a favorite treat from the 50's; a root beer float. The children got to make the floats and later write about the steps to make the floats. Isn't Mr. Joe silly!

Please join me in celebrating our very first Wilbur Winners for school year 2013-2014!





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