Thursday, October 31, 2013

Boy, oh boy!

October FLEW by!!

Look at some of the fun things we did!

Dr. Xanekes visited our class!

Dr. X., as the kids call her, works at our school with students who have Hearing Impairement (HI). Since a student in our class has HI we wanted the children to have a chance to learn all about it.
More importantly, we wanted to answer any questions they may have and give our student a chance to show off her equiptment. After the lesson, the children had more appreciation and understanding.

 Dr. X read the children a story about having a friend with hearing aides.
 She passed around her model ear for us to explore exactly how our ears work.

We all had a turn using the sound system microphone properly. This is used in our classroom to be sure that our friend with HI can successfull hear ALL students and staff when they speak.

After her lesson, the children drew a picture of themselves with our friend who has hearing aides to assist with her hearing. You can clearly note the aides in their detailed illustrations. This was a very informational and relevant lesson! We are very thankful for having Dr. X at our school to share her knowledge!

Fire Safety Program

On October 7th The Delaware City Fire Company visited Wilbur to give our Kinder Kids the background on Fire Safety! The children learned about five important things:
1. Call 911 for emergencies only.
2. Always have a plan with a special meeting place if there is a fire where you live.
3. Change batteries in the smoke detector twice a year.
4. Crawl low in the good air.
5. Firefighters are there to help. They are not scary.
Firefighter Bill gave us the info to help keep us safe!
We also got to tour the fire truck! Enjoy these adorable images of your little firefighters!
Our Class

Fall Festival

Our 2nd Annual Fall Festival was great! The kindergarten children all had the opportunity to attend with their parents, teachers, and classmates. Each child was able to play Grab and Count with pumpkin seeds, paint a pumpkin, have a pumpkin balancing race, and make a popsicle stick scarecrow. Congratulations to Jayda! She won the pumpkin balancing race!
It was a great time for all!


Storybook Character Day-Rock Star Day-Grandparent's Day October 2013

On this very fun and exciting day, the children could dress up in a costume from their favorite story book or as a Rock Star. They could also bring their Grandparents to school! Can you guess what Mrs. Williamson and I dressed up as?
Even our school nurses dressed up!!
We loved having Grandparents in the classroom! We had many laughs completing the "Grandparents Can, Have, Give" chart. We even awarded those Grandparents with the MOST grandchildren, and those who traveled the FARTHEST to get to our school. We had so much fun!


Thank you for stopping by to check out everything we did in October! I can't wait to see what November will have in store!






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