Friday, October 4, 2013

Bye Bye September!

 Boy, oh boy did the first month of kindergarten FLY BY!!??
We had so much fun getting to know each other!
We focused on learning eachother's names, classroom rules, and how to be a good friend. Check out some of the exciting events of September!

Our First Day of School!

We celebrated the first day in grand style!
Paparazzi were everywhere to capture this special moment!
I grabbed this idea from my pinterest board.
Come check it out and follow my boards here: 

Take a peek into our classroom!

I like my classroom to look bright and colorful!
You may notice a ton of chevron and polka dots!
 My students quickly learn that those are my favorite patterns!

Where all the magic happens!

Learning to be Peacemakers!

We learned the characteristics of a Peacemaker and Peacebreaker!
Then we created our own version of David from the Story No, David by David Shannon.
This activity and more can be found on my pinterest boards for Behavior Management and Back to School.

Kissing Hands!

We read the story The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn and talked about our feelings on the first week back. As a gift for our parents, we painted a puzzle with our tiny handprints and added the poem below. This is a keepsake parents are sure to love! Check out this activity and more ideas for gifts for parents on my pinterest board Gifts for Parents and Friends.


Bus Safety!

Learning the rules on the bus is just as important as learning the rules in school.
We took a trip out to the bus court to learn about sitting "bottom to bottom, back to back", keeping quiet while the bus was moving, and always staying in your seat.
 We even got to practice a drill on the bus by jumping off the back (with teachers help).


We learned about names!

Meeting new friends can be tough. With all of the nerves from the first day, it's nice to see a smiling face next to you! Everyone has worries about not making friends. As parents, it's the thing we worry about most on our child's first day. Let's face it, life is easier with a good friend by your side. In order to become friends we have to learn eachothers names. We had A LOT of practice to do that! Check out some of the name activities we did in the first month.
Graphing the letters in our names

Learning to check in with the Daily Question using our first names

We used push pins to create tiny holes for the letters of our names. They look like tiny stars when held up to the light!

Open House!

We welcomed parents into our classroom in the beginning of September to hear all about Kindergarten! Before they came, we made Kindegarten Keepsake Boxes. All of our craft projects, and important kinder work can be saved in these boxes for the year! The children really did a great job on these! Each parent also got to take home a packet of popcorn to say "thank you for popping in" and a balloon for their child. If you weren't able to attend Open House, I still have your keepsake box here and will give it out at conference time.

Zero the Hero!

We are counting our way to the 100th Day of School! Every 10th day, Zero the Hero will come and visit us! He lets two students take turns to wear his special cape and on the 100th day, he will leave a special treat for all of the students! Check out our students rocking the cape for the 10th Day and the 20th Day!


Our First Spirit Day!

We will have Spirit Days all throughout the year! They are so much fun! Our first Spirit Day was Crazy Hair and Hat Day! I wore a purple wig and a tiny top hat to celebrate! Mrs. Williamson donned her favorite sun hat! Check out her blog over at The Kindergarten Garden!
I hope these images make you smile!



We had a very good time getting to know each other in September! Wait until you see what October has in store!






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