Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our First Hall Display of 2012-2013!!

We Kindergarten teachers know how exciting it is the first time you display your students' work for the world to see! The children light up and staff members delight at the wonderful skills of our little learners! Last week, we completed our first week together! We read The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn and talked about how we felt on the first day! I'm pleased to report that most students felt HAPPY! After the story, we made our own Rocky Raccoons! I recorded how they felt and the children colored and cut.

While I always display work the hallway and classroom, I was tired of making the good 'ol tape doughnuts! I searched pinterest (follow any of my 72 boards at Bree Williams)  and found some really cute (but time consuming) ideas. Then inspiration hit..in the classroom of my teammate, Miss Ashley Williamson, teacher in Yellow 1, and writer of the awesome blog The Kindergarten Garden! While visiting her classroom to chat (okay, okay, I was there to steal ideas), I saw her students' work hanging from colorful clothes pins. She simply spray painted wooden clothes pins with colors that coordinated. So, I stole her idea. It was a super quick idea too!

On Friday afternoon I visited the Dollar Tree and purchased a pack of 36 clothes pins. My 12 year old daughter Marley sprayed them for me Monday afternoon. They sat out drying and even got stuck outside in the remnant rain from the recent hurricane. Once the rain stopped, we gave them a good 'ol drying and they were fine. Just this morning in the classroom I hot glued thumb  tacs on the back of half. These would poke right into my bulletin strip in the hallway. The other half got 3M strips to post on the wall itself. They went into the hallway this morning and I only had to clip their work up. NO MORE TAPE DOUGHNUTS!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! Thanks Ashley for inspiring me everyday! Enjoy the pictures of our first bulletin board! (And as I look at the pictures for the first time I know I'll be moving some of the clips to fix the spacing....yes, I'm a perfectionist, but at least it will be a quick fix!)


Melissa said...

This is adorable for the beginning of the year! Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower.

If you have time I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime! (And I love your blog design!)


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